Robot Generation Through Artificial Evolution

What is RoboGen?

RoboGen™ is an open source platform for the co-evolution of robot bodies and brains. It has been designed with a primary focus on evolving robots that can be easily manufactured via 3D-printing and the use of a small set of low-cost, off-the-shelf electronic components. It features an evolution engine, and a physics simulation engine. Additionally it includes utilities for generating design files of body components to be used with a 3D-printer, and for compiling neural-network controllers to run on an Arduino microcontroller board.




RoboGen™  is developed by a team led by Dario Floreano in the Laboratory of Intelligent Systems at EPFL

Dario Floreano

Joshua Evan Auerbach

Anand Bhaskaran


Olexandr Gudozhnik

Alice Concordel

Grégoire Hilaire Marie Heitz

Przemyslaw Mariusz Kornatowski

Guillaume Paul Olivier Leclerc