The following parts were previously part of RoboGen, but have been removed to reduce the number of components in order to simplify the system (e.g. cardans can be creating with 2 hinges) and make evolution more interesting (wheels are boring!). 

Additionally, previous versions of the system used a slightly larger Core Component / Fixed Brick that allowed attaching other components on all 6 sides.

If you are interesting in adding some/all of these components back into the system get in touch with us on the Google group.

Active or passive cardan

IO id Input/output device
0 first motor of active cardan
1 second motor of active cardan



Active rotator

IO id Input/output device
0 Motor



Both wheels and wheg have a parametric radius that can be chosen between 4 and 8 centimeters. For the motors, the speed corresponds to velocity, not position.

Active or passive wheel

Note that the servo of the active wheel takes up a lot of space. You will not obtain symmetric structures with passive wheels!

IO id Input/output device
0 Motor of active wheel



Active wheg

The main motivation behind the wheg was the use in rough terrain, a scenario that has been removed due to simulator limitations.

IO id Input/output device
0 Motor of active wheg



Touch sensor

The touch sensor body part is composed of two touch sensors, each covering half the surface of the part. Each sensor is implemented as a Hall effect sensor (Allegro A1121). The output is digital.

IO id Input/output device
0 Left touch sensor
1 Right touch sensor



 Details for robot text files

Image Part name Code Arity Motors Sensors Image Part name Code Arity Motors Sensors
180px-Acardan Active Cardan Joint
K 1 2 0 180px-Pcardan Passive Cardan Joint
C 1 0 0
Active Rotator Active Rotator Joint
R 1 1 0 Passive Wheel Passive Wheel
W 0 0 0
Active Wheg Active Wheg
G 0 1 0 Active Wheel Active Wheel
J 0 1 0
TouchSensor Touch Sensor
T 0 0 2 (digital)